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"Pete deeply cares about his listeners and it shows through his in-depth thoughtful conversations with guests. Getting to the root of topics and delivering them into packaged actionable steps is what Pete does best. —I’m a huge fan!"
Britney Muller
"It’s hard to know who to trust online. I put my trust in Pete. He’s passionate, honest, thorough, and helpful. There's no one better right now to help you start and grow a blog."
Philip Taylor "PT"

Welcome to Do You Even Blog!

Podcast interviews with the best bloggers & online business influencers? Check!

Easy-to-understand blog content to help you drive traffic and grow? Double-check.

Videos, courses, and programs to help you convert visitors into seriously loyal fans and make money via the internet? Quadruple-check!

What can I help you with today, blogger?

Starting a blog?

How to Start a Blog: The Complete DYEB Blueprint (2020)

Domain, hosting, techincal walk-throughs, driving TRAFFIC, monetizing–it’s all here. The most comprehensive guide ever written.

Monetizing a blog?

How to Monetize a Blog: A Definitive A-Z Guide.

Affiliate marketing, ads, sponsorships, digital product launches. Everything you need to know to start producing income TODAY.

Starting a podcast?

FREE TRAINING: How to Start a Podcast that grows your business.

(my simple system that doesn’t require audio engineering skills or a massive time investment).

Looking for the perfect tool?

Blogging Tools: The Definitive List for Growth.

I’ve tried them all. Here are the actual blogging tools I use every single day to grow my blog and business.

Designing a beautiful site?

A Step-by-Step Elementor Tutorial (for Bloggers)

It works with every WordPress theme and it’s free. Use this guide to quickly get “what’s in your head” to “what’s on the page.”

Pete McPherson, founder of Do You Even Blog, leader of the DYEB Tribe.

This tribe believes every blogger can make a difference, and make an income.

We believe “blogs about blogging” need more transparency. More Authenticity.

We believe it is possible to be honest and highly profitable at the same time.

We’re here to fight blog mediocrity and help bloggers make more money doing better work.



Let’s be honest…

You get lots of emails, and your attention is stretched enough already–like a poorly made pizza.

The DYEB Tribe emails do not disappoint.

In fact, sometimes we only send exclusive and valuable content via email. Content guaranteed to help you grow your blog.

Join the Tribe here.

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