Online Impact

Me and my gang of AMAZING online entrepreneurs want to help you make more money on the internet.

(to build the life you want)

Not just online courses.

Not just 1-on-1 coaching & support.

Not just unlimited access to premium WordPress themes and plugins.

Not just an awesome crew of people who share your drive, desires, and frustrations.

All of the above.

Sorry, you can’t join the membership right now. It’s only open a few times per year. Leave your email below to be notified of the next opening 👍

This behind-the-scenes video SHOWS you everything you need to know about Online Impact, including how to get it for free 😎


“Too long, didn’t read.”

Online Impact is a membership community for creators & online business entrepreneurs.

We run workshops, have live calls, and do mastermind group matching.

Online Impact members also get unlimited access to all of my (Pete McPherson’s) courses, tools, trainings, templates, and more…

…ALL of which exist for one reason only: To help you grow your online business FASTER and with less frustration.

You do NOT have to tackle this online business journey alone.

2020 was hard. 2021 was…also hard.

It’s left all of us feeling down. Unmotivated. Imposter syndrome.

Like we’re somehow flawed because we can’t seem to make this whole “making money online” thing work like we want.

  • ‘Tyrna make money
  • ‘Tryna grow an audience
  • ‘Tryna just surrrvive

If you’ve been frustrated trying to grow your platform, I FEEL YOU.

Making money on the internet IS NOT EASY (and I believe people like me should absolutely STOP saying it is).

But what would it feel like to do this...with other people?

Other people who get it. Creators that can help you.

Wouldn’t it feel like a breath of FRESH. AIR. to have a home on the internet with friends that you could call on to talk shop?

Get feedback on your strategy? Watch other people build their funnels, grow their niche sites, and see what they’re doing?

Well…there are communities (*ahem) that are D E D I C A T E D to supporting you on your online business journey.

OI is here for you, babe.

Let’s grow your thing, together.

Howdy! I’m Pete McPherson.

Over the past 11 years, I’ve reviewed over 5,000 blogs (and personally worked with over 1,000 bloggers, podcasters, and online entrepreneurs).

I’ve interviewed multi-billionaires and brand-spankin-new bloggers.

And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s this:

There’s no magic formula to online business success.

Dangit! That’s what you want, right? (heck, me too).

Well, too bad.

Good news though…

I HAVE noticed a similar pattern in creators who transition into money-making influencers…

  • Constant learning
  • A clear & focused strategy
  • A rockstar network of support & partnerships

It’s the UNSEXY work that gets results.

That’s why we built Online Impact.

  • Education
  • Feedback
  • Support
  • Kick in the pants
  • Tools

To teach you what you need to know AND give you the tools, resources, and support you need to actually reach your goals.


Forget sales copy and marketing for a second. Here’s some brutal honesty from me (Pete):

1 – I do NOT promise you success.

Building a business is hard. I can’t promise you GROWTH.

I wish I could control that, but it’s on YOU to “do the work” required for growth and success and a zillion dollars!

Have I tried my damndest to give you the courses, tools, and support you need? Of course. 

But I can’t promise you your dreams and millions of dollars.

Here’s what I CAN promise you…

2 – I promise to show up for you.

You need anything? I got your back. You have questions? This community can help you.

I’ll share your content. I’ll sing your praises. I’ll dedicate MY TIME AND ENERGY AND RESOURCES to your success…whatever that looks like.

3 – I promise you’ll be welcomed like a friend.

Online Impact is a community that places of INCLUSIVITY.

Race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, age, blogging experience, IQ, or otherwise. 

All are welcome and loved here. Treated equally here.

If you have a problem with that, don’t join OI.

4 – I promise it’s worth the cost of joining.

I know this is the “online marketing” niche, and snake oil is indeed rampant, but you’re just going to have to trust my sincerity here.

OI membership is worth more to YOUR LIFE than the $1,000 entry fee and $9/month.

I’ve staked my entire business and online reputation on this statement, and I genuinely believe it to be true (for what it’s worth).

Here's what you get with your OI membership:

Join us in


How much does it cost?


I’ll totally offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee, and you can cancel anytime.


“Frequently Asked Questions”

First, you should read the testimonials on the page. It’s been PRICELESS for some of our members who have been able to quit jobs and do what they LOVE to make money (and it some cases lots of money).

Second, if spending $9 makes you a little nervous–THAT’S OK!!

You SHOULD have that feeling whenever you invest in programs like Online Impact.

But rest assured, when you decide to join us and see the resources and people on the other side, those feelings will be replaced by excitement and commitment and FOCUS.

(and if not, ask for a 100% refund?)

$1,000 is an investment in your education and your business, and it WILL yield you a return on your dollars.

With all the resources, courses, and offers we have available, I will stake my entire internet reputation on the fact that IT’S WORTH THAT AND THEN SOME.

Within 30 days, email me for a full refund.

After 30 days, you can cancel your $9/month membership at any time (no need to email me).

That is 100% UP TO YOU!. Online Impact was made to save you time–not put a whole lot more responsibility on your to-do list.

If you can’t make the live calls, we have the member’s only podcast for replays. Hop in our private Slack channel when you NEED something. Take one of our courses when you NEED it (it’s called “just in time” learning, and I’m all about that).

Online Impact is not a time-suck.

Courses are awesome, yo! (which is why all of Pete’s courses are included with your OI membership.

But ya know what’s better than learning?

Learning backed up by…

  • personal feedback
  • support from friends who go through the same hard crap you do
  • the occasional kick-in-the-pants from Pete

Allow me to be super clear:
Online Impact is NOT a good fit for you if…

👉You haven’t set up your site yet
👉You’re kinda wanting to start a blog one day–but haven’t yet
👉You’ve never hit publish on anything before
👉You’re in your first 3 months as a brand new blogger
👉You’re expecting lots of 1-on-1 personal time with Pete every week (ain’t gonna happen)
👉You do not like pizza 🍕

If you are super new, I will happily point you to my free content on the podcast and blog!

The ROI (return-on-investment) you’ll get from Online Impact simply won’t be there yet.

Just kidding about the pizza bit! (ehhhh or are we?)

I asked some current members what they thought of OI membership:

This is NOT testimonials. This is unfiltered reviews.

Our members have wins to share 😉

And that’s just highlights from the past few months 😉

We are content creators growing online businesses.

(to get more freedom in our lives)

And we want you to join us.

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