Jeff and Ben (from DollarSprout, VTX Capital, of Breaking the One Percent) have their Pinterest marketing game just about nailed. Today we’re digging into their group board and pinning strategies, as well as affiliate link management! Enjoy!

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Key takeaways from Jeff and Ben from the DollarSprout blog and Breaking the One Percent

Short and sweet today:

Pinterest Group board strategy

Jeff and Ben kept it simple: JOIN MORE.

Like, a lot more.

The reason?

Quality Pinterest group boards are few and far between. The more you join, the more likely you are to discover boards that perform for you.

Well that was easy. But seriously, after this interview I took Jeff and Ben’s advice to heart, and created my own group board tracker.

pinterest group board tracker
See below for a link to download a copy of this.

For a full walk-through of creating your own group board tracker, please read this postThe link to copy the spreadsheet is also there.

  • Join 100 boards (spread it out so you don’t get burnout)
  • Get accepted to 50
  • You’ll find 5-10 that REALLY deliver the traffic you want.

Affiliate link management

I found Ben and Jeff’s organization of affiliate links mind-blowing.

For each and every affiliate revenue earned, they know exactly which pieces of content delivered the sales.

That’s handy info to know.

affiliate marketing tracker
BTOP’s tracker

They keep ALL of their affiliates organized in a spreadsheet, sorted by category, revenue per click, and a ton of other data.

If you’re really looking to nerd out, stay organized, and track everything, it can be super useful to add sub-IDs (UTMs) to each affiliate link.

For example:

For my 90-day New Blogger Bootcamp, I readily and proudly promote Bluehost for brand new bloggers (I completely stand behind that too).

The link would be: “//”

nbb = new blogger bootcamp.

When I receive Bluehost affiliate referrals, I can check their dashboard, look at the sub-ID (they call them “campaigns”), and check out where people are clicking through and buying.

Why it’s totally ok to blog for money.

Do You Even Blog is business.

Do I want to change people? Impact people? Help people grow meaningful and profitable blogs?

Hell yes.

But it also has to make money. It has to, else I can’t spend my time on it.

Jeff and Ben started DollarSprout SOLELY to make money.

What makes this ok? Being upfront and honest about your intentions of making money.

That’s it in my book. Say no more.

As long as you’re proceeding ethically, morally, and legally…I really don’t care why you’re blogging at all.

YOU can blog however you want to. So do it.

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  1. People go to work for a variety of reasons but one of them is always for the money. If you don’t get paid, you can’t eat, sleep, or live anywhere. It’s not a bad thing to want to make money as long as you don’t sacrifice yourself in the process (as you say, behaving ethically, morally, legally, etc.).

  2. Another freaking awesome episode Pete!

    Way to get some great insight from Jeff & Ben for FREE ?

    The Pinterest insights in Tailwind are super important to pay attention too. After taking The Perfect Pin course and only pinning to HIGH PERFORMING boards our Pinterest reach spiked to over 9 million #Insane. We had a pin go very viral which helped.

    Loved the transparency in wanting to be “that guy” over the next two years. Would love to come watch you speak at Fin Con. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help get you there besides making you accountable.

    Cheers ?

    1. Accountable??? Get away from me.

      Jk. That’s actually what I want from you (and everybody else). Keep me focused and hold me to my word 🙂

      That, and…

      What do you mean by Pinterest insights in Tailwind? Which ones specifically? I wanna see this now.

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