BONUS: How to attract the RIGHT kind of people to your blog w/ Alex Felice

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You might remember Alex (Broke is a Choice) from a previous episode: How to translate blogging goals into WHAT you should focus on.

One of the things I LOVED about that chat was this: Alex created a blog for a very different reason that 99% of us.

But that was in month 1 of his blog, essentially.

What about now? 1 year in?

Well, it turns out he’s crushing it, hence this unedited and unfiltered conversation 🙂

Listen to my episode with Alex, part dos.

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There is no accompanying blog post for this episode. Sorry!

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Seriously though, lately I’ve been creating way more content for the email list only.

Go join! The water’s warm.



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  1. Alex is my kind of people. Love the no nonsense – “stick it to ’em straight” attitude. My favorite quote of the whole podcast: “be unafraid to piss ’em off or offend them”.
    I too, preach these very same things, with my main focus being “the simpler, the better”. Love this!

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