July 2018 Monthly Blog Income Report – $9,663

README: Generally, I do NOT approve of many monthly blog income reports–they are often filled with affiliate links but LACKING practical and useful info for bloggers. That’s why I’ve vowed to share NOT ONLY revenues–but also expenses, wins, fails, and additional behind-the-scenes operations. Enjoy! 13 months after starting a blog with no existing audience–I made $9.6k […]

March 2018 Monthly Blog Income Report – $3,227

Here’s my blog income report PROMISE: I will never publish a copy and paste, “only for affiliate income and look how awesome I am,” report. My goal is to add SERIOUS VALUE to all bloggers reading this, through 1,000% transparency and honesty, sharing income, expenses, lessons learned, strategies tried, metrics, and goals. Let’s do this. […]

January 2018 Monthly Blog Income Report – $1,405 NET

For new folks, you should know I generally DO NOT APPROVE of blog income reports. I believe they can be spammy marketing tools for several bloggers. Therefore, I have vowed to make my monthly reports completely, 1,000% transparent and honest, including both revenues AND expenses, lessons learned, strategies, and goals. Enjoy! So, if you read […]