[Survey Results] How Should a New Blogger Spend $1,000 Over 12 Months?

Bloggers love to spend money. “You need to invest in your blog” is a popular piece of advice. But what should you spend money on? courses? ads? conferences? software? Where can you spend cash that will help you grow the fastest? Investing in your blog or business = good. Wasting money on low-ROI activities or products […]

The Panera Formula: How to Perfectly End a Blog Post

Yesterday I found myself eating lunch at Panera Bread, and was reminded why the place is so awesome. Is it because they have awesome soups? salads? sandwiches? YES. ALL THE FOOD. I love Panera because they have a menu full of delicious and different options–and they allow me to pick and choose 2 options for […]

Blogging Productivity 101: Where Should Your Time Be Spent?

Today’s Blogging Q&A on productivity comes from Heidi over at Hansen Hundreds! Thanks for asking awesome questions Heidi 🙂 This post is ALSO a podcast, which you can find on \\ iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast \\ Spotify Here’s what us bloggers spend time on: creating content promoting back-end administrative The 1,028 items on […]