The Huge Blogging Takeaway From FinCon18 You NEED for 2019

#FinCon18 is officially done, which means it’s time for the dozens of FinCon review posts to pop up over the next week. 🙂 (Which I support by the way. I approve anything that gets more people to this extraordinary event.  I LOVE hearing all the takeaways that folks had). However, something different happened this year […]

GDPR Compliance: Everything bloggers and marketers NEED TO KNOW.

So you might have seen the phrase “GDPR” tossed around a lot recently…and the biggest things all marketing people (and bloggers!) seem to be asking is “What on EARTH is GDPR compliance? Does it affect me? If so, what do I need to do?? We’re answer ALL those questions and more today! Read on… May […]

How to run a crazy successful blog giveaway [case study]

This post will teach you how to create and run a blog giveaway to grow your email list. Specifically, we’ll walk through my own giveaway results, then we’re diving deep into strategy and set-up! A quick warning: The case study you’re about to read was only accomplished thanks to a personal skill I have: pitching […]