SEO Category Pages – WHY they’re important and HOW to optimize them.

Yesterday I chatted with SEO guru and millionaire blogger Grant Sabatier about the HUGE role that site structure plays in Google SEO, and he gave solid tips for optimizing your SEO category pages, site taxonomy, category descriptions, etc. This post shares WHY it’s important, and WHAT you can do to better organize your site! You […]

6 easy and quick SEO Audit tips – Blogging Homework!

Sooo my latest mega-ultimate-value-bomb blog post isn’t quite finished for this week….but luckily I’ve had these quick SEO audit tips ready to go! Here’s your weekend blogging homework: When we hear “SEO audit” we usually think “LOTS of time and money and stuff I don’t care about…” Yup. It sounds technical and difficult. So why […]

Blog Metrics: How to actually use them for growth

Blog metrics: Website traffic is the obvious one we track (and obsess over), but HOW is it actually useful? Which digital marketing metrics should you actually CARE about and will translate into actions for GROWTH? This post is also available in podcast format on \\ iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast \\ Spotify) We’ve […]