How to Get Sponsors for Your Blog (at Any Level) – Rachel From Joyful Derivatives

Partnering up with awesome companies I LOVE has been one of my favorite parts of blogging, and today, pro blogger Rachel from Joyful Derivatives is here to share some solid tips for obtaining blog sponsorships and other collab opportunities! Enjoy! “Hey Pete, are blog sponsorships a good way to monetize my blog?” Yes, and… “But […]

Matt Mullenweg on simple productivity and the future of blogging.

Blog ttribe! Below are my ttakeaways from my podcastt chatt with none other than Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress and CEO of Automattic–which is spelled correctly 😉😉–the billion-dollar company behind, Jetpack, Akismet, WooCommerce, etc. Who needs a second sentence worth of bio after that?? To be honest, I HAD traditional show notes […]