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Hey! My name is Pete, the founder of Do You Even Blog, and I have spent a TON of time on this about page. Here you will learn…

  1. Who Pete is…
  2. What Do You Even Blog is…
  3. What we stand for..
  4. How to contact us…
  5. The meaning of life (no, really!)

I hope you find this page useful & entertaining 😉

Cadillac, Michigan, USA

Who is Pete McPherson?

Besides a tall drink of water with a silky-smooth podcast voice and a flaming-hot passion for digital media & online business?

about pete mcpherson and do you even blog

Would you believe that I used to be a boring accountant, complete with a CPA license, years of corporate experience, a fantastic salary–and pretty much the rest of the “American Dream?”

Would you ALSO believe that I gave all that up??

I’ve been blogging & podcasting since 2010, and in 2014 I decided I want to do more creative work, and try to make a full-time income from it.

After two years & 50+ failed blogs and businesses–I eventually found a “transition” job that would allow me to…

  • leave corporate America
  • blog more
  • work part-time with benefits

Work part time, earn benefits & a salary, AND explore side hustles? Best of both worlds, yes? 

Well, I got laid off after only one paycheck.


Throughout my 10+ years of podcasting and blogging–I found the process of blogging way more interesting than the topic I was supposed to be blogging about.

But I didn’t let myself start a blog about blogging (or podcast about blogging).

After all, it’s a saturated niche, and does the world really need another meta-blogger??

Getting laid off changed that.

I’d had enough of NOT doing what I really want to do.

On June 1st 2017, I hit publish on this site, and the podcast.

Since then, I’ve interviewed

I’ve also…

  • built a full-time business for myself!
  • spoke at conferences
  • been featured on Forbes, Kinsta, Fiverr, Lifehacker, and more.
  • been lucky enough to have people listen to and trust what I say! It’s an honor and responsibility.

As it turns out, Do You Even Blog is what I was meant to do right now.

What is Do You Even Blog?

Besides a metric-ton of free courses, podcast interviews, YouTube videos, and mega-ultimate-guides to help YOU launch and grow a blog, podcast, and/or online business?

Old DYEB logos.

Some say I have an eye for design and branding, yada yada–but these logos were built out of “how can I be lazy & simple to hide the fact that I stink at design?”

We want to help you make more money via the internet to craft the life you want.


That’s the mission of Do You Even Blog and our better half Online Impact (our paid membership community)

We believe the internet is a fantastic way to reach people, teach people, and also build businesses!

So whether it’s through teaching you how to start a blog from scratch, giving you a simple checklist for launching a podcast, or showing you how to master SEO in 60 minutes…

We’ll always be helping YOU produce content on the internet that helps people and makes you money.

Note: We also send out really, really good newsletter that you’ll actually look forwards to receiving (We send out content via email you won’t even find on the blog).

Media & Mentions & Awards

Look ma, we’re famous!

Press Kit

Official Bio:

Pete McPherson is a full-time blogger and podcaster at Do You Even Blog, a resource for income-seeking bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

He spends his days interviewing the world’s top creators & entrepreneurs, including names like Seth Godin, Matt Mullenweg, John Lee Dumas, Kira Hug, Nick Loper, Michelle Schroeder, and many more.

Pete is also the CEO of Online Impact, a private membership community for online businesses.


Headshots can be found here.

Other super-important stuff you should know:

Otherwise known as “you probably can leave the page now.”

  • Do You Even Blog does not accept guest posts. Sorry! (actually, I’m not sorry)
  • If you’re interested in a partnership with this brand, you can use this form.
  • Want to book me on your show, podcast, or blog? Email pete (at) doyouevenblog (dot) com.
  • If you’d like to contact Pete, email him. He’ll respond (but it could take a few days/weeks/years!)
  • Pete really, really loves Pizza.

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