How to Start a Blog: The Complete DYEB Blueprint 🤑(2018+)

Learning how to start a blog? Below is the most comprehensive single resource on the internet. If you’ve read a few “how to” posts already, this tutorial is…bigger. From setting up a domain, hosting and WordPress… To driving Pinterest & SEO traffic and making money from affiliate marketing and products. It’s all here. Outline: Blogging […]

You Need to Be Using These Two Headline Analyzer Tools

It’s blogging 101–write good headlines that drive clicks! However, the thought of spending 2+ hours on a headline makes me cringe. Here’s the simple formula I use for coming up with headline ideas…then PERFECTING them using my favorite two headline analyzer apps 😉 Her name was Katie. 7th grade Pete was in LOVE with Katie. […]

The #1 thing holding my blog growth back

Today’s post is NOT SEO-optimized, focused on a specific blogging tactic for growth, or really optimized for marketing AT ALL. Here’s what it is: an honest frustration I struggle with CONSTANTLY in blogging, and what you can expect out of Do You Even Blog over the next few months. This post is also available in […]