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When Ryan Inman spoke to his wife about starting a podcast, she remarked something like “but who would listen to you?”

While she was no doubt teasing him, that thought is DEFINITELY something that all soon-to-be-podcasters have…

Why would anybody listen to me? I’d probably suck at podcasting.

Well, a year or two and 600,000+ downloads later, Ryan from Financial Residency is doing ‘ok’ I’d argue. (He’s also an Online Impact Member woot woot woot).

We chat…

  • How he took the leap to START the podcast
  • How he managed to persist through the “slog” (the crappy part with no growth) when most others quit.
  • How he eventually got his audience involved in a unique way and jumped on board the exponential growth train.

Aside from his podcast, Ryan has a highly successful financial practice (which also grew as a result of his podcast of course), a new book out, a membership site, and more.

He’s a prolific guy, and also a nice/humble/awesome guy! Enjoy ๐Ÿ˜‰

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