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Social media has been around for AGES by now…

But when’s the last time you really sat down to review your “strategy?”

Ya know, to grow an audience? Get more view/downloads, whatever?

Do you even HAVE A STRATEGY™?

*checks notes–crap, no, I don’t.

Today’s guest is one of my all-time favorite podcasters, entertainers, and genuinely great dude, Joe Saul-Sehy!

And he’s here today to A: have fun, and B: help us think about social media again “for the first time since setting up that TikTok account that we never actually post to and almost hate checking now–and UGH yeah ok I need to think about this again.”

Enjoy the chat!

Listen to my episode with Joe Saul-Sehy!

or listen on Apple Podcasts \ Google Podcasts \ Spotify

And if you enjoy Joe, be sure to check out everything he’s doing over at Stacking Benjamins! (one of the top personal finance podcasts out there, and one of the few I still listen to ????).


His book! Grab it here!

And if you really just want to see Joe (I mean, who doesn’t??), watch a DIFFERENT podcast we recorded here:

Joe and I tell fun podcasting stories–and he helps us build confidence with “our voice.”


Are you all pumped up to level-up your TikTok game? Ready to jump into podcasting because of Joe?

Drop us a comment below and say hi!


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