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In this corner, weighing in at 225lbs, we have Facebook ads.

Intimidating. Overwhelming. Always seems like a gamble and potential waste of money.

  • How to optimize?
  • What budget?
  • Are they worth it?

In the other corner, weighing in at a lean 109lbs…Monica Louie from Flourish with FB ads.

With an undefeated step-by-step system and a lightning quick strategy for high ROI…Monica is the overwhelming favorite to win this match.

*ding ding

After I listened to Deacon Hayes (one of Monica’s clients) on Nick Loper’s podcast last month, I’ve been obsessed with mastering Facebook ads.

Deacon spent $1,000 his first month running ads, and made $2,000. Today, with Monica’s continued help, he spends upwards of $15k to make $25k.

That’s insane, and Monica holds the secrets.

(Which aren’t really secrets at all, are they?)

After listening to that episode and interviewing her for this podcast episode…I caved and bought her course. I’m halfway through the 2nd module, and it’s amazing.

It’s well laid out, step-by-step style instructions, downloadable worksheets (which DRILL you with difficult questions from hour 1. I love it).

Here’s my affiliate link, here’s the non-affiliate link…and EITHER WAY, use PETE20 at checkout to get $20 off!

Thanks Monica 🙂 🙂

Enjoy the podcast, and keep scrolling for the key takeaways and summaries!

Also, I made a 2.5 minute video highlighting my OWN Facebook ads strategy. Grab it below. Hopefully that helps as another example.

Are you going to try FB ads? I’m actually asking. Comment below!

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