Nurture Sequences 101 – What to say and how to do it.



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Ah yes, the whole “customer journey” thing.

Taking somebody who JUST took a leap to join your email list…

…and turning them into loyal, DIE HARD “i’ll literally buy anything you ever put out–even if it’s a new chewing gum brand” sort of follower.

(or something).

The problem though?

What on Earth do we SAY to these people?

  • To earn their trust?
  • To build our authority?
  • To HELP them?

Luckily, email marketing pro Allea Grummert ( is joining me on today’s podcast to give her best tips for a SOLID nurture sequence!

Enjoy 😉

Listen to this chat about nurture sequences:

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More handy resources for building funnels, etc:

Now go write some emails 🙂

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