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When I try and hype creators on starting a podcast, I hear the same roadblocks:

  1. I can’t do audio
  2. I don’t have the time
  3. I don’t see the ROI

Totally understandable!

However, for those willing to dig a little deeper, they’ll find that podcasting

  1. Isn’t as hard as they think
  2. Doesn’t take the time commitment they thought it would
  3. Can provide masssssive benefits to grow a business.

Dustin Heiner (Massive Passive Income & The Successfully Unemployed podcast) joins me on today’s podcast to chat through his podcasting, YouTube, and blogging strategies, including:

  1. How he repurposes content across channels
  2. Manages to pump out THREE DIFFERENT podcasts (what?)
  3. How he leverages podcasts to grow his business.

It’s a doozy. Enjoy!

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Wanna see me re-interview Dustin and ask all about how he bought 30 rental properties without setting foot into 29 of them??

Because I kinda want to do that 😉

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