$500k in 1 Year (from Facebook Page Likes?) Scott DeLong



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I’ll be frank, I really wanted to make the most CLICKBAIT title I could think of for this one…

I found Scott DeLong’s content only recently, and he’s been blowing me away with what he’s doing (and what he’s done for years).

And right now?

Scott’s deep in a challenge: start a new business from scratch, and grow it to a $500k valuation in one year (while only working 2ish hours a day).

#ClickBait writes itself, am I right??

Oh, and he’s incorporating Facebook ads in a cool/different way.

There’s LOTS of amazing stuff I’ve been learning from Scott’s newsletter (highly recommended). I hope you enjoy this podcast chat!

Listen to my episode with Scott DeLong:

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Also, you can find the YouTube version right here (or below):

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