Money Metrics You NEED to Master to Quit Jobs and Grow Businesses – Tiffany Grant



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I met Tiff in person at this year’s FinCon, and LOVED her story.

  • Quits job to start biz
  • Goes back to job
  • Quits job again
  • Grows brand
  • Pivots during the pandemic
  • Grows brand, gets speaking gigs, working on PhD, is awesome

I initially wanted to have Tiff on the podcast to talk about ‘focus,’ (whatever that means), but we ended up talking about something much more vital.


Wanna quit your job? Or just make your business more sustainable & profitable?

Numbers. Know em.

In this podcast chat, we talk a LOT about money/numbers! (She is a finance expert, after all).

You can find Tiff’s site here. (and podcast!! If you’re into personal finance (and you should be), definitely check that one out.)

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