5am Joel on Rekindling Motivation, Sending Must-Read Emails, and Taking Over Budgets Are Sexy



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Y’all, it’s time to admit something…

I’m a fanboy of 5am Joel, and have been for quite a while (5am Joel, Budgets Are Sexy).

I was always impressed at his schtick–waking up and sending an email to his newsletter AT 5AM IN THE MORNING. (I mean, are you NOT impressed?).

But aside from that–he’s one of those people who just has a knack for producing content that CHANGES people–and I was thrilled to hear his name announced when he took over Budgets (easily one of the most well-known and biggest personal finance sites in the history of blogging. Luv u J)

In this episode we chat…

  • Little silly tips & tricks we do to stay positive and stay motivated (not at all woo woo. Ok maybe a little).
  • How to write really, really good emails people want to open
  • way more


Listen to my episode with 5am Joel:

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Ok here’s more goodness for you…

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