Entrepreneur Self-Care & “CEO Dates” – Allea Grummert

Over the past 3 years, I’ve noticed something…

Among the most successful creators I’ve interviewed, they all seem to have TWO things in common.

  1. They ALL experience the “entrepreneur roller coaster,” as shown below
  2. They all dedicate time to analyzing past performance.

You’ve probably seen this before:

Haha this is me over the course of any given DAY.

However, something I’ve found to be effective in my own business–AND something I invited Allea Grummert (Duett.co) on the podcast to chat about–is dedicating time to look back and get a 30,000ft overview of your business.

This helps with focus, objectivity, growth–and managing that nasty emotional roller coaster we all deal with 🙂

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Here are some questions for your CEO Date:

  • What’s my overall annual goal?
  • What small things can I celebrate this week?
  • What went well last week?
  • What could’ve gone better last week?

It can also help to do FORWARD-looking brainstorming and organizing…

  • What are my 3 biggest projects for next week?
  • Which ONE item on my weekly agenda would make me FEEEEEL like I was productive–if it was the only thing I actually got done?

If you’d like to simply copy Allea’s weekly CEO Date template, it’s available for download below 🙂


Resources & Allea’s templates mentioned on today’s show:

Other awesome resources for blog planning, organization, and productivity:

Boom y’all. Get to it.

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2 Responses

  1. Love this episode. Just finished listening this morning and headed straight here for the template. I also wanted to add that when Allea asked why “CEO meeting” is used, I immediately thought because many of us that work from home often don’t take our business as ‘seriously’ as CEO and we should. I’m guilty of this, and many people I speak to say the same. Often it’s something that projected from others – “Oh you work from home, that must be great!”… then they drop in unannounced not realizing you’re on livestream or conference calls. Yes WORK from home means WORK from home.

    Another great episode Pete thanks!

    P.S. Thanks for the amazing video you sent when I signed up for your newsletter. It gave me a LOT to think about and I’m pushing my way forward to being consistent!

    1. Wait people actually come to the show notes??? Awesome! lol.

      Thanks for that Di. I really do appreciate it 🙂

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