The Sad Truth About Online Business (and Blogging)

Is that it might not be for you. For the full experience, I’d highly encourage you to hit play on the audio below and then start scrolling. All music composed and performed by Yours Truly. or listen on \ iTunes \ Stitcher \ Google Play \ Overcast \ Spotify Earlier this week, I witnessed a bad situation. It […]

Blogging Productivity 101: Where Should Your Time Be Spent?

Today’s Blogging Q&A on productivity comes from Heidi over at Hansen Hundreds! Thanks for asking awesome questions Heidi 🙂 This post is ALSO a podcast, which you can find on \\ iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast \\ Spotify Here’s what us bloggers spend time on: creating content promoting back-end administrative The 1,028 items on […]

Influencer Status: How to Introduce Your Blog & Be Remarkable (at Events)

Bloggers! In preparation for next week’s FinCon conference, I thought it’d be nice to tackle how to promote yourself and your BLOG at in-person events! Meetups, conferences, or even just explaining what you do to your friends–can actually create a memorable impression with lasting impact. This was originally a podcast episode >> Listen on \\ […]