How to Be a Guest on Podcasts (With Sarah Mikutel)



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Blogger? Podcaster?

Literally anybody growing a platform?

Being a guest on other people’s shows is one of THE best marketing strategies for you.

  • Exposure? ✅
  • Backlinks? ✅
  • Doesn’t take a ton of time? ✅
  • Easier than guest posting?????? ✅

Sarah Mikutel from Podcasting Step-by-Step is a pro at this (she sent an email to get on my podcast, which apparently worked, so…)

We gon’ chat about…

  • Strategies to grow downloads
  • Practical tips to be a guest on other people’s podcasts (GREAT marketing for bloggers to FYI).
  • Way more.

Enjoy, Blog Tribe ????????????????

Listen to my episode with Sarah Mikutel on podcast marketing!

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Check these 😉


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