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If you hate SEO traffic and generating quality backlinks in a short time frame–this chat with Kyle from Growth Badger isn’t for you.

Kyle started his site about a year ago and has since SKYROCKETED a few posts using a very specific strategy.

(utilizing surveys & research & other unique approaches to content).

holy SEO batman!

We’re talking thousands of shares, 100+ referring domain, and an 843% increase in traffic–from one blog post.

In this post & podcast, we’re chatting about…

  • Using data-driven content to grow your SEO
  • How to run effective surveys
  • Other ways to produce unique content for SEO that DOESN’T require a huge audience already.

Enjoy 😉

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Survey resources & more:

Other highly relevant content:

The “Double Survey” Technique (the quick version)

In short, here’s the formula

  1. Choose a topic you feel would be interesting to do research on.
  2. Poll or survey your audience (or conduct research another way)
  3. Share THOSE findings with other influencers in your space.

The first step is actually tougher than it seems…

Let’s say you run a personal finance blog, don’t have a huge audience, and want to start ranking for budgeting related keywords in Google.

So you’re into budgeting worksheets, templates, planners, etc. Great!

But how to turn that into original content backed by data or research?

  • Poll your audience on what makes worksheets good/bad to them?
  • Download and personally analyze as many budgeting worksheets as you can get your hands on?
  • Something different?

If we’re shooting for some quick shares, backlinks for SEO, etc, I might choose the 2nd one–ESPECIALLY if we don’t have a huge audience to survey.

The goal:

  1. Do original research around budgeting worksheets, and come up with SOME finding, interesting tidbit, anything.
  2. Present your findings to other personal finance bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers, asking for their opinions.
  3. Present the findings AND the influencer opinions in one blog post.

Yes, even this small-scale data-driven blog post would take a bit of time–but doesn’t that sound like a MUCH more interesting piece of content than a super-standard budgeting worksheet blog post?

THAT’S the kind of content that Kyle has used to generate backlinks and SEO wins.

Some other approaches to “unique” content for backlinks:

Like I mentioned above, you don’t necessarily need a mega-huge audience to use research, polls, etc.

How about the “Myth Busters” approach?

“bust” other people’s research/data

The idea is simple.

Since you don’t have access to a huge audience in which to poll or survey–you can test other people’s data, findings, research, etc, and report on it.

Bust that myth and present your findings (and make sure to tell the original researchers about your detailed work!)

Or do your own original research.

Run an experiment about a topic in your niche.

Use yourself as a guinea pig.


Let’s say you run a health & fitness blog.

Here are a few made-up headlines that would be based on your original research:

  • “I did 500 situps every day for 60 days, here’s what happened [Case Study]”
  • “I ate pizza for every meal for a week, here’s what happened [Case Study]”
  • “I asked 373 people in my hometown about their biggest weight-loss challenges. Here’s what they said.”

Run your own experiements.

The bottom line: this content is great for backlinks & SEO

Let’s not forget WHY we’d be doing this: It’s to bump our SEO traffic.

Unique, original content gets shares and backlinks–even if it doesn’t rank for anything!


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