10 Important Stress Tips for Bloggers – MikedUp Blog [Tribe Takeover]

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Tribe! Today is another “Tribe Takeover” podcast.

Meaning, Pete decided to be totally lazy hand over the mic to a loving blogger in the Do You Even Tribe.

And today–it’s important.

Mike from MikedUp Blog recently published a post titled How Not to Have a Stress-Induced Heart Attack Before Age 35.

Scary title?

You bet–but for good reason. This is a message we need to hear.

Chances are HIGH that your blog, side-hustle, business, etc, will directly contribute to your stress levels at some point. Maybe they already are.

In this Tribe Takeover, Mike is going to elaborate on his top 10 tips for managing stress and staying healthy. (FYI, the original tips can be found in text format in the post linked above!)

Listen to this episode w/ Mike from MikedUp Blog:

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Really, quick, here’s a few related posts on this topic.

First, Araminta Robertson originally wrote a guest post on blogger burnout here. That’s a must-read as far as I’m concerned.

Second, if you’re anything like me–you’re pretty “driven, type-a, ‘I like to work really hard.'”

My second manifesto, The Sad Truth about Online Business (and Blogging) was written to people like us.

Read it.

Question: Does your blog ever stress you out?

What have you done to combat that?

2 Responses

  1. Tough to hear you’re down Pete. This was an episode that provided some encouragement with taking care of oneself. This should be something every new blogger and even seasoned bloggers should listen to.

    Feel better Pete! Thanks Mike for holding it down!

    1. Thanks Matt! and luckily I’m ok–this was originally scheduled to release a while back, so I’ve gotten over that sickness and then some lol.

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