3k to 130k YouTube Subscribers in 1 Year – Tae Kim



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Out of allll the different content channels available to us to grow an audience…

I kinda sorta feel like YouTube might be the most reliable for 2024+.


It’s YouTube.


Cameras and makeup and having to set up and having to actually know wtf you’re talking about…

YouTube is still a challenge.

But there are some people (*cough my friend Tae from Financial Tortoise) who have risen to the challenge…and crushed it.

tae kim do you even blog

In today’s podcast episode, I invited Tae on to talk about his YouTube philosophy & system!

  • How he persisted through the first 2 years (which were slower)
  • How he grew to 130,000+ subs in the past year
  • The production system he’s worked out to CONSISTENTLY produce content, every. single. week.

Tae’s amazing, and you’re gonna love this chat if you do ANY video.

Listen to my episode with Tae Kim:

or listen on Apple Podcasts \ Google Podcasts \ Spotify

Notes & Resources from this chat

Till next time!

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