Nick Loper on Why His Product Launch Fell Flat



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It’s one thing to chat with new bloggers about the typical Year 1 challenges…

or bloggers earning $300k+ a month from uber-successful online courses…

It’s another thing to chat with a SEASONED creator and entrepreneur, with a track record of growth and making money, about a less-than-stellar-and-disappointing product launch.

Entrepreneurship isn’t full of grand slams.

My first Online Impact launch definitely wasn’t lol.

In this episode, Nick Loper (Side Hustle Nation of course!) returns to the podcast to discuss his “base hit” course launch.

  • Everything he did to launch a paid product
  • The results (spoiler alert: It was “meh.” His words, not mine)
  • Lessons learned
  • How to improve going forward

It’s not every day we can find transparent entrepreneurs like Nick who are willing to step up and share their failures (This was TOTALLY not actually a failure, but you know what I mean).

Enjoy 😉

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Notes & Resources Mentioned

My takeaways regarding Nick’s course launch:

I have several, but here are the big two:

Make your products sexy.

Have you heard about the dog pill/treat metaphor?

Dogs generally don’t LIKE eating the dog pill. It probably doesn’t taste good, and you’ll have a hard time getting them to eat it (even if the pill will help them!).

You have to wrap the pill in a dog treat.

Dog treats won’t help them as much, but it’s neccesary to get them to swallow the pill.

I think Nick’s particular course offering (mostly the messaging and marketing) may have been seen as more of the dog pill, rather than the dog treat.

A service-based freelance side hustle was TOTALLY the thing people needed, but it could’ve been wrapped up in something sexier.

Launching successful products doesn’t happen overnight.

Building profitable digital products doesn’t take time just for time’s sake: you must be willing to sell a product, get results, make it better, then do it again. Then again.

Nick’s course (and his ability to launch things) is still in the early phases.

It takes launching things–to get better at launching things.

(and improving products. Raina and I have spent COUNTLESS hours working on Online Impact in preparation for the RE-LAUNCH. The product is never “done.”)

Be in things for the long-haul.

What say you?

Drop me comments below ????

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