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It’s been a wild year for SEO traffic.

  • Algorithm updates
  • More competitors than ever
  • Everybody following the same ole’ SEO tips and strategies, yada yada.


What do experienced bloggers need to know about SEO for 2020? How about newer bloggers? This episode answers that question for BOTH of you.

I thought it high time we get Brendan Hufford (SEO for the Rest of Us, 100 days of SEO, etc) on the podcast again. (1st episode here).

We chat about…

  • 2020 SEO Strategies (for both newbies and experienced bloggers/sites)
  • What’s changed/new for 2020?
  • How can new blogs start building links quickly?
  • and more SEO goodness.

I’d trust Brendan 100% with my SEO–and with my life.

Or at least the SEO part ????

Listen to my episode with Brendan on 2020 SEO Strategies:

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Brendan’s SEO link-building advice for new-ish blogs:

  • Focus on “linkable content.”
  • Get off your own site (and get on other people’s)

“Linkable content” really just means “content worthy of linking back to.”

Copycat or “Skyscraper Technique” content generally doesn’t fit into the “linkable” category anymore (unless it is TRUTHFULLY 10x quality, which is tough in 2020).

Rather, try doing something unique (that word has lost a lot of meaning, but I mean it in the true sense of the word).

NON-copycat content.

Start there.

Then, do more guest posting, freelance writing, etc.

As a new blogger, you don’t have access to 1,000s of readers and/or blogging influencers to get backlinks.

Guest posting then, is indeed, factually, ACTUALLY–not dead.

Especially for newer folks who literally have less than 15-20 referring domains.

  • Get guest posts
  • Get freelance writing clients
  • Write on Medium (not exclusively though. Maybe just once or twice).
  • Write for your company
  • Get in front of students at a local university (and try to get on their blog).
  • More more more more more.

Get off your own site (once you’ve reached a small body of QUALITY content). Get backlinks πŸ™‚

What do experienced bloggers need to know about SEO in 2020?

Search intent is still the name of the game (now more than ever I’d argue).

That, and if you already have a decent body of blog content–keep updating and optimizing your blog posts for SEO.

Resource: How to update old blog posts for SEO.

This practice takes less time than producing new content and is great for keeping your site fresh in the eyes of Google (AND READERS).

Heck, even if your older audience has already seen one of your older posts–chances are high they’ve forgotten about it (or need a refresher anyways).


Leverage your audience, connections with other influencers, etc, to keep up the never-ending game of building quality links.

  • Get on more podcasts
  • Pursue media opportunities
  • Do even more quality guest posting (I can feel you shuddering right now).

SEO in 2020 = a more competitive 2019…


  • Original/unique content that is linkable…
  • that satisfies user intent
  • a cohesive site strategy
  • quality, relevant links

Done and done, blogger!


Ask away in the comments πŸ˜‰

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