Stop Being Afraid to Stand Out

Why is standing out so dang hard to do? Because we’re afraid. Here’s what Seth Godin says in Purple Cow (my favorite marketing book): **Begin Quote** The Problem with the Cow …is actually the problem with fear. If being a Purple Cow is such an easy, effective way to break through the clutter, why doesn’t everyone […]

“The Preschool Formula:” The key to developing winning strategies.

I’ve heard that several of you might unsubscribe to those meta-bloggers who send you 154 affiliate emails for various promotions. Here’s why you don’t want to do that without thinking this through. This post was originally a podcast, and can be found on iTunes \\ Stitcher \\ Google Play \\ Overcast \\ Spotify I had an […]

9 things you need to do if you want your blog to MATTER

Tribe! Want a few SOLID tips for creating quality content and making sure your blog MATTERS to people? Today we’re sharing a guest post from Mike from Ninja Budgeter! I love this post 🙂 Enjoy! Hi, my name is Mike and I’m a serial entrepreneur. Not a serial entrepreneur in the same way as Elon […]